First Global Cloud University – What does it mean?

Manfred Schönebeck
Manfred Schönebeck, Chancellor of the Carl Benz Academy
In a few months an important phase will end, the Carl Benz Academy “test roll-out”. In the past 3+ years many people have put a lot of effort and support into the Academy. With the end of the test roll-out, another milestone will be reached and another step is taken towards our goal to become the best automotive university in the world!

How do we achieve this? Is it the same strategy as our initiator Mercedes-Benz has proclaimed with the slogan – “the best or nothing”? It is the same quest to be the best but in our own way to do it as a Global Cloud University!

Let us start from the beginning. The meaning of “auto-mobile” consists of two different words and can be easily combined with our philosophy:

  1. Auto = self, single
  2. Mobile = agile, flexible, free to move

In our vision, Cloud University means the student is flexible in location and time to study (aside work). But it would not be an Academic approach if we focused on this single product “automobile”.

To be (auto-)mobile was a great dream of human beings and the basis for the technical revolution of the 20th century. The “car” was called automobile as it supported that dream like nothing else before.

But nowadays mankind is developing other options to be “auto-mobile”; for example, car-sharing without becoming the owner of a car, the autonomic driving car without a driver and most importantly the virtual world, “Internet”, in which a lot of people already fulfill their dreams of being “auto-mobile”.

In the past, most important was to move goods and products on the roads. Today it is more important to move knowledge, information and ideas around the world. It is interesting that people use terms like “data highway” or “information highway” – it shows that is still the realization of the old dream to be “auto-mobile” but there are new roads; information highways which are much faster than traditional roads.

Our Cloud University is also based on “data and information highways” and we have made it to our task to personalize it and to offer a tailor-made program. Each student is flexible in location and time and how they implement their studies in their work and private life.

We combine the “new roads” with our international blended learning approach which is the most innovative attempt these days to face the challenges of a globalizing world by offering relevant study programs and aim to be the the First Global Cloud University!

Manfred Schönebeck