A New Role for the CBA President Professor Dr Ada Pellert

Prof. Dr. Ada Pellert
Professor Dr Ada Pellert
Ada Pellert博士,教授

President of the Carl Benz Academy, Professor Dr Ada Pellert has been appointed Rector of the prestigious FernUniversität in Hagen (University of Hagen) in Germany. The FernUniversität is the only government-supported distance learning university in Germany and with 77,000 students, it is also the largest in the country.

Professor Dr Pellert is considered an expert in the field of distance and e-learning and has fulfilled the role of the President of the Carl Benz Academy since its inception in 2011. Previously the founding President of the CBA’s partner-university Berlin University for Professional Studies, Professor Dr Pellert will take up her new role with the FernUniversität in March 2016. She will continue in her position as President of the CBA until the end of February 2016.

The team at the Academy wishes Professor Dr Pellert all the best in her new role at the FernUniversität in Hagen.

卡尔•奔驰学院校长Ada Pellert教授被任命为著名的德国哈根大学校长。Ada Pellert教授被认为是远程教育以及网络教学领域的专家,自2011年卡尔•奔驰学院成立以来,Ada Pellert教授履行着校长的职能。在此之前Ada Pellert教授是卡尔•奔驰学院的合作伙伴柏林继续教育大学的创始人,自2016年1月1日起她将在哈根大学担任新的角色,同时继续担任卡尔•奔驰学 院校长一职。

卡尔•奔驰学院全体人员向Ada Pellert教授送上诚挚的祝福。